NADSI Download Workstation

Providing an imagery viewing solutions for our NATO partners around the world, SDL designed and developed the NDW to support data transfers to and from any STANAG-4757 (NATO) compliant removable memory module.  As the world’s first JTIC certified STANAG-4757 compliant workstation, the small footprint, portable NDW is comprised of a ruggedized computer with multiple interfaces for data transfer including Ethernet, USB, and FireWire. The SDL-designed RMMController software controls the download and upload functions and also allows the NDW to display ATARS imagery and convert STANAG files to NITF format for viewing.

NDW features:

  • Available in two configurations: desktop and laptop (both portable)
  • Laptop version includes a battery for portable environment use
  • Runs Window XP Operating System
  • Spare hard drive supplied for storage of classified data
  • Supported data interfaces include Fibre (232-bit optical and copper), USB, IEEE 1394b (FireWire), Ethernet