Motion Video Processor

Responding to the objective of the DoD for fielding more motion video capable tactical imagery systems in the military operations theatre, SDL has developed the MVP full motion video data compression module for data processing systems. MVP uses a variable compression scheme to overcome air-to-ground bandwidth limitations and synchronizes Key-Length-Value (KLV) metadata with the video stream to provide a data stream that is compliant with Motion Imagery Standards Board (MISB) and STANAG 4609 standards for increased interoperability. The MVP is built on commercial-off-the-shelf hardware, is firmware customizable to process hardware from various sensor inputs, and is size customizable to meet the constraints of specific form factors and platforms.

MVP features:

  • Supports MISP 5.1 and STANAG 4609 Ed. 3, MISM Level 10H, H.264 MP @L4.1
  • Input: Digital, Analog, and Metadata (RS-422, GigE, PCI)
  • Output: GigE, PCI and Composite video