Intelligent Geo-Aware Sensor System

The IGSS is a system of sensors with both on-sensor processing (intelligence) and INS/GPS (geo-awareness) demonstrating a high degree of embedded sensor and system management. IGSS technology enables cooperative multi-intelligence (multi-INT) sensor networks for autonomous target detection/inspection.

  • An IGSS can ingest target cues (lat/lon coordinates) from command/control centers or other IGSSs via data links and then operate autonomously, collecting imagery according to the mission priorities, flight plans and sensor capabilities.
  • Target cues can be generated by internal IGSS detection algorithms and/or received from the command/control communication centers as mission profiles are updated in real time.
  • The IGSS manages the collection of imagery onboard the sensor without requiring continuous monitoring by an operator.
  • The collected images are sent back to the communications center and are immediately available to all operators on the network.

Under the IGSS concept of operations, situational awareness does not require continuous operator analysis of a video stream as with typical systems:

  • The survey/detection IGSS (e.g., NuSAR) first images an area and autonomously nominates targets of interest.
  • The lat/lon coordinates for these targets are automatically sent to an inspection IGSS such as the EyePod (either onboard the same platform or on a following platform), which collects high resolution images and sends them to the ground operator.

This process eliminates the need for an operator to constantly monitor a video stream to identify targets for further inspection. IGSS takes care of the mundane steps leaving an operator to deal with real targets. Thus, IGSS is a Force Multiplier, where a single operator can handle many sensors over a larger area of interest focusing only on nominated targets (though video streams are still readily available). The operator also has the ability to interact with the IGSS, requesting data from areas of interest by sending lat/lon coordinates.