Common Data Link (CDL) Interface Box

The CIB is SDL’s most requested product. The CIB is a cross platform datalinking solution that interfaces between the Department of Defense’s CDL hardware and gigabit Ethernet hardware, providing ground stations such as those used by the DoD DCGS community with the capability to screen live data from a CDL downlink. The CIB receives, synchronizes, and routes CDL data. The CIB also simulates data, thereby providing simulated sensor flight scenarios for ground station operators in training. In addition, the CIB offers unique data stream and cable debugging and testing capabilities.

When the aircraft acquires the imagery data and navigational data, it is sent via radio frequency link to a ground-based receiving antenna such as Cubic’s CDLS system or one of L-3 Communication’s antennas such as a TWISTER, TARS Surface Terminal Equipment (STE), MIST II, TIGDL, ROVER, or CHBDL-ST. The CIB has successfully interfaced with all of the above referenced antennas and provides a standard gigabit Ethernet stream to a screening ground station.

The CIB technology enables the customer greater hardware and software flexibility for screening and exploitation ground stations, which eliminates the need to use a VME chassis and provides cross-platform support.

CIB Technology:

  • 10/100/1000 Ethernet interfacing
  • CDL interfacing (one input, one output)
  • 6 high-rate ECL and 5 low-rate TTL data channels
  • ATM interface (dual channel OC-3)
  • Adaptable to new sensors with firmware upgrade

CIB Capabilities:

  • Cross platform datalinking for live screening
  • Data simulation for testing and training
  • Diagnostic testing: data stream, cable integrity, packet verification, and loopback testing