Blackjack Screener

Blackjack is a small, lightweight, rapid prototype screener that serves as a counterpart to SDL’s VANTAGE™ suite. It utilizes the same multi-INT database and server as VANTAGE™, with a single-window, 3-D display. Blackjack is an EarthView screener that incorporates terrain elevation maps, geo-rectified national satellite imagery, and tactical imagery.

EarthView is an extensible screening framework developed by SDL and NRL. It provides a generic structure upon which modular, program-specific sensor and external interfaces can be attached to develop a customized screener. Each sensor, database, and third-party interface is developed as a self-contained unit, allowing new interfaces to be added or removed quickly and easily. Leveraging EarthView technology, a new screener can be developed from scratch and fully functional within a matter of weeks.

The features of Blackjack include:

  • High resolution, 3-D earth model display with maps and elevation
  • Layers tree to show/hide/manipulate individual images or collections of images as layers
  • User-friendly, one-window display with dockable panels
  • Real-time geo-rectification and correlation of imagery
    • Dynamic caching allows scaling up to any size focal plane array or to wide fields of view while keeping up with full data rates
    • Seamless resolution set loading as the operator zooms in and out
  • Ability to receive data directly from surveillance sensors, compress it, store it locally, and send it down an attached data link if present
  • Ability to perform post-processing of raw SAR data from the database

Due to its powerful processing and fast display capabilities, Blackjack is a valuable tool for operations such as persistent surveillance. The software can track multiple moving objects within the scene and display those tracks, providing the analyst with valuable insight into the origin and destination of targets of interest.

Blackjack is a single instance of an EarthView-based screener that was built to support the FEATHAR and Operational Adaptation programs. Three sensors were used in these programs: EyePod (EO/IR), NuSAR (X and L-band SAR), and CA-247 (Wide-area MWIR). In addition to Blackjack, SDL has developed other EarthView-based screeners that are customized for use with different sensors.