Media Coverage 2004

SDL to build telescope partnered with NASA – Telescope will help scientists explore space

6 Dec 2004

The Space Dynamics Laboratory has teamed up with NASA to build a new infrared telescope to help scientists explore the universe.

Space lab to build telescope to map universe

24 Nov 2004

More than two decades after scientists last created a comprehensive map of the universe, researchers at Utah's Space Dynamics Laboratory (SDL) are part of a $208 million NASA mission to repeat the feat with updated technology.

Utah State, NASA join to survey the universe

24 Nov 2004

A $40 million contract between the Logan-based Space Dynamics Laboratory and NASA opens the door to the first all-sky survey in more than two decades.

Sky's the limit for USU project – an orbiting NASA telescope

24 Nov 2004

Under a $40 million NASA contract, Utah State University is to build an orbiting infrared telescope able to examine strange luminous galaxies, find new stars and perhaps help protect Earth from asteroids.

USU Developing Space Telescopes

23 Nov 2004

NASA researchers are asking Utah scientists to help them find strange things in space – things they've never seen before. In a far-out exploration project, the space agency is giving Utah State University's Space Dynamics Lab 40-million dollars to develop a new remarkable telescope.

Mapping the universe

23 November 2004

A new space telescope designed to "map the universe" will be built in Cache Valley, thanks to a $40 million grant from NASA.

$2.5 million earmarked for university

23 September 2004

The Senate Appropriations Committee has endorsed more than $13 million requested by Utah Republican Bob Bennett for economic development projects throughout the state. The portion of Bennett's request earmarked for USU includes $1 million for the Calibration Laboratory at the Space Dynamics Lab...

USU instruments launched into space

16 July 2004

Instruments built at the Space Dynamics Laboratory in Logan were launched into space Thursday morning to study the ozone layer.

USU in $20M weather contest

26 June 2004

USU's Space Dynamics Laboratory, BAE and two other scientific organizations have joined to use $20 million from NASA to conduct research on a Hyperspectral Environmental Suite.

SDL lends expertise to new satellite

25 June 2004

A new satellite that could revolutionize weather forecasts might have a piece of Utah State University on it.

Sensor built by USU team readied for launch

24 June 2004

A Utah State University designed instrument that uses light to measure gases will take a look from space at ozone and chemicals in the Earth's atmosphere starting next month.

The Final Frontier?

June 2004

Who will work on the future space programmes after the current generation of ageing space engineers and scientists leave?

USU gets funds for satellite research

18 June 2004

University nationally recognized for its contributions in area

The SDL experience

18 June 2004

Thursday's workday at Utah State University's Space Dynamics Lab was full of rocket launches, treasure hunts and liquid nitrogen.

Space Program Needs Kids Interested in Science

17 June 2004

Employees at Utah State University's Space Dynamics Lab hosted about 150 kids today, trying to rekindle their interest in the sciences.

USU Building Sensors to Test Atmosphere

17 June 2004

Scientists call it the most comprehensive look yet at the health of our atmosphere.

Rocket Man

09 June 2004

"See these wiggles here? Wiggles are good..."

Students, scientists to have a blast

15 Mar 2004

Science and education will be a blast this evening and Wednesday – literally.

USU student heading for 'Mars'

10 Mar 2004

Utah State University student Jamon Neilson takes off Saturday for the vivid, barren red-and-white striped hills of Mars – make that southern Utah.

Space Travelers: Eat Your Vegetables!

09 March 2004

Lada hardware will perform research to aid in developing procedures for a future large-scale growth chamber called the Vegetable Production Unit.

USU space lab brings in $60 million payload to Utah

19 February 2004

If the United States establishes a permanent site on the moon to be used as a launching pad to Mars, future astronauts will have researchers at Utah State University to thank for some of their equipment.

Future looks stellar for 3D system

9 February 2004

When NASA's Mars rover Opportunity drove toward a rocky outcrop last week, it stopped a foot and a half short. But if it had been equipped with a new 3D imaging system patented by Utah State University, it would not have been an inch short of its goal.

Bush offers plan to go to moon – and beyond

15 January 2004

"Today," Bush said at NASA headquarters in Washington, D.C., "I announce a new plan to explore space and extend a human presence across our solar system. We will begin the effort quickly, using existing programs and personnel."