Mentoring Students

Over the years, SDL has hired and helped train over 1500 students and has given them intellectual tools to provide innovative solutions to our world’s current scientific and business challenges. This learning process takes place in an environment where creativity is fostered through hands-on training, where nationally recognized science and engineering is the norm. We currently employ about 110 students, and we’re grateful for the energy with which they perform their tasks and the youthful perspective they offer to our organization.
–  SDL Director Niel Holt

Tomorrow Ph.D. Fellowships

SDL has offered 16 PhD fellowships since 2002 in STEM disciplines.

Kori Moore received the 2010-2011 PhD Tomorrow Fellowship. As a PhD candidate in the USU Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, he is investigating air quality modeling in rural environments, including agricultural air quality, particle and gaseous emissions of oil/gas production, aerosol characterization, and other projects related to environmental measurements. His research is conducted through USURF’s Energy Dynamics Laboratory, and he expects to complete his doctorate in 2014. 

Society of Women Engineers

SDL funds women engineering students to attend conferences and give presentations.

Summer interns

In 2010, one of the students, an optical science master’s candidate, worked on the DAGR (Digital Array Gas Radiometer) program; the second student, with masters’ degrees in physics and aerospace engineering, developed star-tracking algorithms for small satellites.”