Space Survivability & Ion Optics Laboratory

To fully test space weather and in situ space environment sensors for TRL advancement, unique attributes of the orbital environment must be simulated in a laboratory environment. SDL has developed a comprehensive laboratory for testing ion optics used in ion and neutral particle spectrometers.


  • Mature ion optics test facility at SDL
    • UHV test chamber designed specifically for ion optics testing
    • 3-axis translation, 2-axis rotation, 2-axis tilt manipulator supports neutral, ion, and stray light testing over full angular range
    • Colutron G-2-D ion gun produces tunable, monoenergetic ion beams
    • Ion detectors
    • Microchannelplate detector with XDL (Cross Delay Line) anode for time-sensitive, discrete ion imaging
    • Phosphor screen/microchannel plate for ion beam diagnostics
    • High performance Faraday cup detectors
    • GSE HV power supplies, pulse processing electronics, electrometer/ picoammeter, DAQ and image processing software
  • Hypervelocity neutral beam (seeded molecular beam) currently being integrated at SDL
  • Energy-resolved atomic oxygen beam in development via SDL IR&D