Support Hardware

Providing cost-effective solutions for interfacing, technology insertion, and repair

SDL offers a wide range of hardware solutions to support ISR and other military applications. Whether implementing COTS system configurations for data processing and imagery display or developing custom hardware implementations for data compression and transmission, our team consistently delivers robust yet cost-effective products. Our in-depth understanding of integrated ISR systems, coupled with a sophisticated configuration management scheme, makes SDL a first rate source for hardware repair and technology insertion solutions.

Data Transmission and Interfacing

One of our most requested products is the CDL Interface Box (CIB), a cross platform datalink solution that interfaces between the DoD’s CDL hardware and gigabit Ethernet hardware. We also offer Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) optical interface solutions at OC-3/STM-1 to OC-48/STM-16 rates with OC-192/STM-48 hardware under development.

Real Time Data Processing

SDL develops real-time solutions for receiving, processing, formatting, and disseminating sensor data streams, such as the Advanced Threat Detection Processor (ATDP) and the Sensor Solid State Storage System (S-FIVE). We perform printed circuit board design and layout, FPGA programming in VHDL, and embedded software/driver development for applications such as processors, I/O boards, avionics backplanes, power supplies, etc.

Custom Test Solutions

We provide a range of solutions for system analysis and troubleshooting. Examples include automated test procedures and test stands for depot-level aircraft testing, and stand-alone products such as the INtegrated SHARP Imagery Gigabit etHernet Tool (INSIGHT) for troubleshooting reconnaissance system components.

Technology Insertion and Repair Services

SDL offers product re-development and repair services that can realize cost savings while preventing obsolescence and improving maintainability. We engineer form, fit and function replacements for obsolete or hard to test parts or systems, providing full documentation packages. Examples range from small circuit card assemblies to entire F-16 cockpit display units.  SDL also performs failure analysis and repairs for hardware such as power supplies and circuit cards.