Sensor Mission Coordination

The DoD is moving more and more to modular systems to save money and resources. SDL has developed an open architecture for sensor mission management, enabling an autonomous UAS to accomplish an ISR mission without human intervention. Handling sensor command and control, processing algorithms, and data collection, the embedded System Intelligence Manager (SIGMA) architecture can adapt to dynamic missions across the DoD enterprise.


  • Autonomous mission coordination
  • Command, control, and data processing for multiple sensors
  • Correlation/fusion of targets for disparate sensors
  • Dynamic mission tasking and updating
  • Support for throttled data links and disadvantaged users
  • Government-owned SIGMA code base
  • Multi-platform, real-time, dynamic operation



Fusion, Exploitation, Algorithm, Targeting High-Altitude Reconnaissance

Under the FEATHAR program, SDL developed enhanced integrated multi‐intelligence sensor systems and fusion processing algorithms for multiple‐networked ISR platforms to identify, geo‐locate, and track enemy targets.