Technology Insertion

While platform life cycles are extending by decades, subsystems can be redesigned to upgrade functionality and or combat obsolescence issues that make it difficult to maintain the asset. With an eye towards modernization and long-term component availability, SDL can provide form and fit replacement designs that implement state-of-the-art electronics and are either repairable or disposable (designed for low-cost replacement).


  • Government-owned solutions
  • Engineering form, fit, and function replacements for obsolete or hard to test systems
  • Updating designs for increased functionality and maintainability
  • Prototype and final product development and delivery
  • Procurement-level data packages can consist of:
    • Electrical schematics
    • Gerber files for board layout and fabrication
    • Bill of materials
    • Drawings of mechanical components
    • Manufacturing and test instruction
    • Software, firmware, or memory files
    • Interface control documents
  • Environmental qualification testing capability


P4R1 Redesign

SDL redesigned electronic subsystems for the Air Force’s P4R1 Pod to support future procurements and to mitigate obsolescence issues that hamper repair activities.