3D Printing

Because 3D printing has such a quick turn around and low production cost, it is becoming a valuable fabrication asset for most industries. SDL uses 3D printing for conceptualization, prototyping, and end-item products.


  • Lower cost and no material waste
  • Faster than subtractive processing
    • Less set up time
    • Parts can be constructed unattended
  • Creates parts in ABS plastic
  • Resolution (=finish) and density (=strength) can be optimized for each application
  • Multiple material colors available
  • ABS parts can be sanded and painted to enhance presentation quality
  • Creates parts that fit within a 10x10x12 cube (parts larger than this size can be divided into portions that fit within the cube and then bonded together)
  • Expands design possibilities; access for cutting tools is no longer a limitation



Ionospheric Connection Explorer

NASA’s Ionospheric Connection Explorer (ICON) mission will explore how both terrestrial and space weather affect conditions in the ionosphere.


Precision Weapons Platform

PWP is remotely-operated, state-of-the-art, lightweight stabilized pointing system.


Compact Eye-safe Lidar System

CELiS is a small, eye-safe lidar system designed to monitor particulate matter (PM) generated from vehicle traffic, agriculture, or industrial sources. It can also be used to monitor air quality.


Ogden Data Device-Ethernet Crypto

SDL redesigned the Navy’s cross-platform Micro Module Interface Device (MicroMID) ground station to provide a low-cost replaceable unit with enhanced performance and Ethernet connectivity.