Satellite Technologies

As satellite technologies have evolved to accommodate smaller units and lower-cost launches, SDL has placed greater emphasis on small satellite missions.

A vital part of SDL since 2004, the Satellite Technologies branch has emerged as an internationally-respected group of experts in the field of small satellites. SDL has been involved in satellite technologies, small satellites specifically, as far back as 1985.

The Satellite Technologies branch has developed technologies that have resulted in recognition of the branch as a leader in research, testing and innovation. It participates in the annual Small Satellite Conference and is currently working on projects for the National Science Foundation (NSF), the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), and other government organizations.

The Satellite Technologies branch works hand in hand with Utah State University and has the following primary areas of focus and expertise:

Advanced Technology Research
Mission & Systems Engineering
Small Spacecraft Technologies
Satellite Services

SDL has been involved in the NUSAT-1, Skipper, FAISat 1, FAISat 2, and Combat Sentinel spacecraft as well as numerous mission studies, technology development efforts, and research programs. Currently supported programs included DICE and PEARL, both of which are CubeSat programs.