FPGA Processors

Data processing and manipulation requirements are ever increasing. SDL leverages significant experience in implementing FPGA-based processing capability into its designs to provide customers with an easily upgradable, very high speed, small footprint device.


  • Compiled and precompiled processors
    • ARM, MicroBlaze, PowerPC
    • Microcontroller
    • GPA
    • DSP
  • System configuration or partial reconfiguration allowing capability updates ‘on the fly’
  • Multiple interface types
  • High speed data processing and manipulation (up to 100 Gb/s)


Sky Lynx

Common Data Link Interface

SDL designed and developed Sky Lynx for receiving, synchronizing, routing, and simulating sensor-collected tactical/reconnaissance imagery and navigation data. Sky Lynx supports a variety of CDL and ATM based sensors and converts the data to Gigabit Ethernet for ground station processing and viewing.


Network Analysis Device

SDL designed and developed hardware for high-speed network routing and analysis.


Real-time, Autonomous, Synthetic Aperture Radar

RASAR is a full-featured, flight-proven, 25-lb radar system with expandable capabilities that include dual-band operation, ground moving target indicator (GMTI), and comprehensive data processing and image formation capabilities.


Advanced Reconnaissance Compression Hardware

SDL developed the ARCH hardware and software suite to provide near real-time image compression for the US Navy’s tactical reconnaissance systems.