Cyber Exercises Scenario Modeling, Planning, & Control

With cyber crime becoming more and more concerning as new technologies and threats develop, Government and industry are seeking new ways to protect themselves. One of the best ways to prepare for an event is to use cyber scenario planning, modeling, and execution software. SDL develops tools to simplify the creation of interactive and realistic exercises to assist in cyber threat training for small Government entities.


  • CyberSMARTâ„¢ - Cyber Scenario Modeling and Reporting Tool
    • Develop scenarios for cyber exercises of all sizes or levels of complexity
    • Manage the complexity of multi-thread cyber scenarios
    • Capture and incorporate detailed participant information to provide a credible scenario
    • Plan the pace and delivery of scenario events to keep players engaged
    • Provide exercise execution and after action review environments for all participant roles
  • CyberSMARTâ„¢ - Conduct Tool
    • Automated delivery of scenario injects to participants
    • Player-to-player communications are stored for after action review
    • Enables dynamic modifications to be made to the scenario
    • Supports tabletop and functional exercises
    • Can interface with and control a test range



Cyber Scenario Modeling & Reporting Tool

CyberSMART™ is software tool for use in cyber incident preparedness exercises.