Demonstration & Operational Environments

Tactical operations planning requires tools that enable users to simulate strategy and capability in a safe environment to ensure operational success. SDL’s VANTAGE™ software and Sky Lynx common data link enable users to demonstrate receipt of GEOINT data in an environment that mirrors the operational environment.


  • Building, deploying, and sustaining ground systems
  • Hardening for accreditation on operational networks
  • Configuration management
  • Documentation (test plans, reports, procedures, manuals, etc.)



Distributed Common Ground System

SDL delivers customized ground stations, the modular VANTAGE™ software suite, and data link interface products to support the unique needs of the DoD’s DCGS programs for the Air Force, Navy, Army and Marine Corps.

Sky Lynx

Common Data Link Interface

SDL designed and developed Sky Lynx for receiving, synchronizing, routing, and simulating sensor-collected tactical/reconnaissance imagery and navigation data. Sky Lynx supports a variety of CDL and ATM based sensors and converts the data to Gigabit Ethernet for ground station processing and viewing.