Wide-Area Motion Imagery

While wide-area motion imagery (WAMI) provides a constant view of some area of persistence, it is most useful when combined with analytical tools that can aid analysts in extracting useful information from the data. SDL, in conjunction with the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), provides near-real-time reception, processing, databasing, and object tracking within wide-area motion imagery (WAMI).


  • Real-time frame geo-registration and correlation
  • Real-time WAMI visualization on a 3D globe with underlying maps, elevation, and full pan/tilt/zoom
  • Real-time track generation from moving objects within the WAMI scene
  • Track visualization displays moving objects as a track layer on top of WAMI imagery in the EarthView window
  • Provides analysts with track analytics tools within the visualization toolset



Rapid Processing & Display Software

SDL’s Slingshot software enables rapid, integrated development of a customized screener using standard interfaces.