Ground Stations & Exploitation Software

Delivering sustainable systems and proof-of-concept technologies that exceed expectations

SDL develops both hardware and software solutions to support the real-time acquisition, processing and display of tactical image data from multi-INT sensor sources. Our products range from fully supported, deployed systems used on programs such as the DoD’s DCGS (Distributed Common Ground System) to rapid prototype solutions such as those used on the Naval Research Laboratory’s FEATHAR (Fusion, Exploitation, Algorithms, and Targeting for High-Altitude Reconnaissance) program.

Our exploitation systems are capable of processing and screening tactical imagery and multi-INT data from a variety of sources, including live data links, solid state recorders, and distributed servers. They provide simultaneous support for multiple sensor types, including single- and multi-band electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR), synthetic aperture radar (SAR), hyperspectral (HSI), multispectral (MSI), and full motion video (FMV). We specialize in the ability to convert multiple image data streams into standardized output (e.g., NITF, JPEG, J2K, JPEG XR, MPEG-2, H.264).

Ground station hardware can be provided in numerous net-centric architectures ranging from desktop computers to ruggedized portable units to rack mounted systems.

Exploitation software can also be provided in various configurations, including full packages such as our premier VANTAGE™ suite, or smaller customized applications such as our Blackjack persistent surveillance screener. Features include a robust database, change detection capabilities, and integration with automatic target detection algorithms.