Flight Testing & Planning

Providing surrogate aircraft and experienced personnel for cost-effective sensor validation

When developing sensors and other intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance payloads for small manned or unmanned aircraft, surrogate platforms are often necessary to facilitate and accelerate flight testing.

SDL is uniquely equipped to provide this type of flight test support, having both manned and unmanned aircraft assets, as well as support facilities and ready access to several test range sites. We offer a full array of flight test resources and services—including pilots, operators, sensor integration, and FAA certification—at very reasonable per hour rates. Our engineers and operators have extensive experience in flight testing and can assist with planning, execution, data collection, and data analysis.

WISE - Andromeda

Cessna Skymaster O-2 manned aircraft

WISE - Andromeda

Dakota unmanned aircraft

SDL’s aircraft assets include:

  • Two Cessna Skymaster O-2 manned aircraft
  • Two Dakota unmanned aircraft

Our support facilities include:

  • A secure, environmentally controlled 80’ x 70’ hangar
  • A 20’ field support trailer with tow vehicle
  • Laboratory facilities within 5 minutes of the airport
  • Machine shop, electronics assembly labs, calibration equipment, and clean rooms

In addition, SDL is located in close proximity to multiple testing environments including the U.S. Air Force’s Utah Test & Training Range (UTTR) and the U.S. Army’s Dugway Proving Grounds (DPG).