EO Instrument Characterization

SDL offers comprehensive electro-optical sensor calibration services. Operations can be performed at SDL’s state-of-the art facilities in North Logan, UT and Albuquerque, NM, or at customer sites.

SDL offers instrument characterization options for a wide variety of electro-optical system needs:

  • Radiometric responsivity

    • Radiance and irradiance
    • Response linearity with uniformity corrections
    • Nominal/outlying pixel identification
  • Instrument-level relative spectral response (RSR)

  • Spatial responsivity

    • Point-response function (PRF)
    • Effective field of view (FOV )
    • Optical distortion
    • Scatter
  • Temporal responsivity

    • Short, medium, and long-term repeatability
    • Frequency response
  • Polarization sensitivity

EO Comprehensive Services

SDL's skilled staff has been providing comprehensive services for sensor system calibration and characterization for nearly four decades.

  • Detailed test planning
  • Design and fabrication of test equipment
  • Integration
  • Test execution
  • Proven approaches for data collection and processing
  • Comprehensive data analysis
  • Cleanliness control