Environmental Testing

SDL offers a full complement of space qualification and environmental test facilities and trained personnel

  • Vibration/slip table with a 13,000 lbf rating for sine, 12,500 lbf RMS for random, and 26,000 for shock. Equipped with force limiting capability in order to protect payloads and instruments from over-testing.
  • RF-shielded semi-anechoic chamber for emissions and susceptibility (EMI/EMC) testing per MIL-STD 461E.  Accommodates conducted emissions, radiated emissions, conducted susceptibility, and radiated susceptibility testing.
  • Thermal vacuum test chambers up to 8” diameter with an operating range of –269C to +150C. Automatic controls with safety interlocks, data acquisition systems, outgassing diagnostics and special test chambers such as ultra-high vacuum and ion optics testing.
  • Altitude test chambers
  • Nanosat Operation Verification & Assessment Test Facility (NOVA) - a comprehensive small satellite characterization and verification facility