Electronics Assembly Lab

High Reliability Electronics and Printed Circuit Board Assembly

The Electronics Assembly Lab (EAL) offers one-of-a-kind printed circuit boards, small production runs of high-reliability boards, and a variety of electronics products and services delivered to the most demanding quality standards.

The EAL’s experience draws from SDL’s design, development, integration, testing, and operation of thousands of rigorously qualified space- and airborne sensors and instrumentation suites aboard over 400 payloads, as well as the delivery of numerous electronic systems for ground-based research and testing needs.

SDL’s overall quality system is registered to the ISO 9001:2008 Standard. Under these guiding principles, the EAL is dedicated to providing high reliability, overall quality and innovation from prototype to flight, with a focus on producing products on time and at cost to meet customer requirements.

The EAL specializes in PC board surface mount technology (SMT) and thru-hole assembly, lead forming, conformal coating and staking, and cable/harness assembly and inspection. With NASA-certified trainers on staff, the EAL’s team of technical professionals is trained to NASA workmanship standards in hand soldering, SMT soldering, cable and harness development, ESD (electrostatic discharge) prevention practices, and conformal coating, including IPC (Institute for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits) rework capabilities. The EAL also provides lead-free production of fine pitch and ball grid array (BGA) components.