Contamination & Materials Testing

With a full-time staff of chemists, optical engineers, and material scientists with extensive experience in contamination control and analysis, SDL offers a full range of services including stray light analysis and modeling, vacuum bake-out, material screening/selection, measurement of outgassing and deposition kinetics, particulate count, and spectral reflectivity measurements. Contamination control facilities include:

  • Precision cleaning laboratories
  • Class-100 cleanrooms including a 100-ft long class-100 optical cleanroom
  • A class-10,000 integration high bay and portable class-100 clean tents
  • An off-axis optical scatter facility
  • Thermogravimetric analyzer and ASTM 1559 facility
  • Quartz crystal microbalances and Mass spectrometers
  • Bi-directional Reflectance Distribution Function (BRDF) measurement stations